Environmental Test Cambers

We are engaged in providing Environmental Test Camber, which has double wall construction inner chamber made using stainless steel. Mild steel is used for the outer surface and it is powder coated. Ideal components are created for bio technical specification test and industrial component test. For RH testing and long term high temperature, it is the most reliable temperature. With an accuracy +_ 0.5 c, temperature ranges from 10c to 60c. Moreover, accuracy +- 3% RH, relative humidity range from 35%RH to 95% RH. Digital read out on temperature and percentage RH is also possible. To generate steam for chamber humidification, low pre4ssure boiler is provided. It also has well balanced refrigeration system. The chamber also has modular removable shelves, which is made using stainless steel. Doors are sealed by the key lockable insulated door. On the top of the unit, control panel is mounted. It works on 230o volts AC.