Bod Incubator

We have in offer Incubators that allow cost-effective incubation work and temperature testing. All the tests are carried out as per the international test standards. Our incubators are highly advance in terms of designs, finish and functions.
Construction and mode of operation:
·  Cabinet is double walled and the exterior is finished in powder coating epoxy paint. The door and right hand hinge have a magnetic gasket. A lock and full length plexi-glass inner door is also fitted
·  Through the built-in large size fan via baffle plates, forced air circulation provides positive air flow across the chamber and the specimen also gets quickly adjusted to circulating air temperature
·  Air tempering is accomplished by a finned heater and finned tube heat exchanger that is cooled by hermetic compressor
·  Control Panel that has all the controls, indicators, switches and heat energy regulator is positioned on the cabinet top
·  The advance insulation in these incubators provide excellent refrigeration