Constant Temp. Water Bath

Double walled in construction. Inner chamber and lid made of Stainless Steel. Outer chamber made of Mild steel with powder coating. Glass window is fixed on the front for both sides clear observations while immersion test. The gap between the chambers filled with high grade glass wool to minimise the heat loss. o Temp. Range from ambient to 100 C and temp. Controlled by digital temp. Indicator cum controller with an accuracy o of + 0.5 C. A high speed stirrer with a motor of 1/20 HP is fitted to the unit for continous stirring and this can maintain a uniform heating throughout the chamber. The heating mechanism comprises of set of heaters pertaining to fast heating to operated 230 volts AC only. Designed for immersion requirments and for external Circulation to maintain constant temp. To operated 230 Volts AC only.