Laminar Air Flow

We offer our customers Laminar Flow Cabinets. These cabinets are horizontal in shape and are in compliance with the US Federal Standard 209B (BS 5295). For meeting class 100(class I) conditions, our cabinets impart particle free air. Thick board duly sunmica clad is used for manufacturing the cabins of these products. Powder epoxy coating is done on the inner chambers for enhancing the life span. Thick board with sunmica on top is used for making the work table too. Thick transparent plexi glass that is duly framed is used for making the side panels. Two main components of this unit are pre-filter and HEPA filter. The air drawn through pre-filter now passes through HEPA (High efficiency particular air). The filters have 99.99% efficiency rating with cold DOP and 99.97% with hot DOP. Hence, the air borne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger are held by these filters.