Autoclave Instruments

We offer our customers advance Autoclaves. These autoclave are used for sterilization purposes under pressure for organic & inorganic material, glassware, solutions, culture media, and other surgical labware. Using superior quality heavy gauge stainless steel, the fabrication of inner & outer chambers is done. For manufacturing the lid & rings, stainless steel is used. Different fittings such as pressure gauge, safety valves & steam exhaust valve are made in the lid. At 22 lbs/ sq inch, the safety valve blows for removing the excess steam and maintaining constant pressure. With the aid of Silicon gasket, steam tight joints are guaranteed. The unit is supported by heavy cast iron legs. Heating is done with the support of water immersion heater. Stainless steel is used for making the pedal lifting device, water level indicator and the perforated basket. The PID Programmable controller that has single set point, and strip chart recorder are used for recording the temperature.