Memmert Type Bacteriological Incubators

A versatile range of Bacteriological Incubator (Memmert Type) is provided by us to the clients. The inner chamber of this double walled unit is made using stainless steel whereas, the outer chamber is made using mild steel and it is powder coated. The pilot lamps and control switches are fitted on the front control panel. On top of both sides of the equipment air ventilation's are placed to remove hot gases. At the right and left sides of the inner chamber, heaters are placed. Other details:
·  Temperature controlled by thermostat.
·  0 0 temperature range 5 C above ambient to 60 C and Accuracy: + 2 C.
·  Trays should be supplied with G.I. wire mesh
·  With glass wool insulation, gap between the walls fitted to avoid heat loses.
·  Heating elements are made of high grade chrome plated nicrome wire.
·  We supply our products in Maharashtra.