Prooving Chamber

We offer Prooving Chambers that comprises Refrigerated Environmental Test Chambers and KH range of Non-Refrigerated Humidity control ovens. These ovens are applicable in production fields and laboratories. Our chambers are known for reliability, performance and styling.

Construction & Mode of operation

  • Door: Right Hand hinge with magnetic gasket & lock. The full length inner door has a hand operated wiper and provides a clear view of the interior
  • PU-foam insulation provides the improved refrigeration performance
  • Cabinet: Double walled and exterior finished in powder coating epoxy paint
  • Forced Air Circulation through built in large size fan via baffle plates, provides constant positive air flow throughout the chamber and fast adjustment of the specimen to circulating air temperature
  • Air Tempering is carried out by a finned heater and finned tube heat exchanger cooled by Hermetic compressor
  • Humidity System consist of low dew point bath, immersion heater , water level controller, low level indicator and electronic safety cut out and vapour injection device which gives Aerosol free air i.e. Free from minute droplets
  • Dehumidification is achieved by refrigeration
  • Control Panel carrying all the controls, indicators, switches etc is placed on top inside the cabinet